The core migration and management engine that delivers a fully functional and modern DB2 database, key for leveraging business analytics, cloud and mobile more

AO Foundation, as a master database management tool, will facilitate better data integrity, by assisting you to utilize the massive new improvements in the underlying database engine more

AOO delivers a native device-agnostic user interface (also known as “delivery channel”) with dynamic, adaptive multi-channel user interface or micro services rendering. more

This workshop is intended to provide the IBM i professional, specifically the RPG programmer, with an overview of the newest capabilities which have been more

Adsero Optima™ facilitates the modernization of DB2 for i databases and provides a solid SDM (Strategic Data Management)/MDM (Master Data Management) foundation to expedite the adoption of a wide spectrum of advanced technologies, whilst improving the quality and integrity of your heritage data.

The unique AO S2E harvesting technology was developed to recover the functional design of any S2E generated application from the S2E internals (models) more

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